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As a client-based consultant herself, MCG's Kris McMenamin values interesting work that is both challenging and results-driven. Our Associates feel the same way.  With an average of 15 years experience and at least one advanced degree,  MCG Associates hit the ground running, bringing their unique skills, maturity, and insight to solve client problems.  


Kristam (Kris) McMenamin, the founder and President of McMenamin Consulting Group LLC, a women-owned small business that provides consulting services to public and private sector clients, knows consulting.  Most recently, she led a small firm on an award-winning 10-year run of solid and consistent growth.  Growth that was due, in large part, to her outstanding reputation for understanding the client’s needs and delivering the right resources to get the job done.  Today, she is at the helm of her own ship, ready to not only repeat her pattern of success, but to exceed it. 

MCG hits the ground running, bringing unique skills, maturity, and insight to support their client needs.

​​MCG prides itself on being big where it's needed, and small where it's smart.  As a woman-owned small business, MCG has a team that is lean and agile, and keenly focused on bringing clients ultimate value with minimal overhead.  Supported by Chief Financial Officer Mary Daly, Chief Marketing Officer Sally Flynn, and  Administration Manager Denise Todd, MCG embodies the strong reputation of its Principal and Founder, Kris McMenamin.  A respected leader who has worked throughout the federal government and in the private industry, Kris is known for delivering.  Adept at execution, highly collaborative, innovative, and skilled at creating real-world solutions, Kris created MCG to continue a legacy of success. 

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