MCG is working with GSA to support a Resource Planning and Analysis Support task, to draft organizational change package(s) and provide work process analysis and future skills requirements. The Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS) was in the process of preparing for a transition to a Category Management operating model. This would require that an Order and necessary documentation be developed, reviewed, and signed by administration leadership. MCG developed the Order documentation and supported an ITS-wide skills assessment to understand where to focus training under the new operating model. The engagement became more challenging when the ITS-wide reorganization became part of a larger and more complex reorganization effort. This challenged MCG to revalidate the deliverable documents that needed to be developed as the Order strategy shifted dynamically. MCG forged ahead in the development of the reorganization package as well as the ITS-wide skills assessment. By the end of the performance period, ITS was well on their way to completing the Order documentation. 

After conducting a 2-day leadership development training for senior leadership, MCG is continuing to play a vital role in this government administration’s overall transformation.  Our team is comprised of multi-faceted individuals who have worked with leadership by designing, developing, and conducting a survey across the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to determine the readiness of the organization for a major organizational change both in terms of the business model and staff alignment.  Ongoing work is focused on business process analysis and organizational optimization and workforce strategy. 

General Services AdministRation (GSA)

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (odni)

Involved since Day 1 of an agency-wide Transformation, MCG has supported this client in reengineering business processes and developing requirements for each release in production as well as future releases. As a trusted and objective partner, MCG supported the agency’s’ successful transition from waterfall software development to agile development. We served in key roles on agile teams developing ELIS 2, and participated in four separate Agile teams as project managers, developers, business analysts, and testers to successfully deliver time-boxed sprints of capabilities. Our work has been recognized repeatedly, with: a Director’s Pioneer Award as a partner on the agency-wide transformation; an OTC Teamwork for Release Preparation award in 2013, and; an IBM STAR award for November 2013.


McMenamin Consulting Group works with a broad range of federal agencies and organizations as well as private sector clients to solve problem and realize strategy. While we like big problems with lots of complex elements, our strategic approach remains focused on client needs, and a strong collaborative relationship.  We bring big experience and expertise, but maintain a small firm style that means you know us, and we know what you need. Our bench combines significant Big Four consulting firm experience with a healthy dose of irreverence, compelling us to approach each opportunity with open minds, a commitment to collaboration, and a focus on results.

Whether focused on issues surrounding human capital management, agile business process reengineering, change management, strategic planning, or in a project management role, MCG resources work with leadership to define goals, deliver strategy, develop reorganization packages, and provide work process analysis.   Here are a few examples of our current work.  For more information about working with MCG, contact Loretta Yenson at  DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW HERE.

NatioNal Credit union Administration (NCUA) 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)

MCG is supporting the development of an overarching IC policy and information architecture that enables IC components to rapidly and effectively determine requirements and acquire, develop, integrate, and deploy human resources across an integrated workforce.  This includes recommending improvements to and developing content for an IC-wide Competency Library for use throughout the lifecycle of human capital/talent management.